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The NYS ENA is a non-profit state council of the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA). As a nationally chartered organization, NYSENA represents the interest of emergency nurses and their patients in the state of New York. New York holds the distinction of being the very first charter site of the national organization.

The state council represents over two thousand emergency nurses interested in promoting improved emergency care throughout NYS. The dedicated efforts of its members in the area of public safety, continuing education, nursing research, and promotion of the profession serve to maintain quality of patient care and have a positive influence in the state.

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  • New York State ENA
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Election Results

I was going to wait until the November council meeting but received so many requests, am sending the news out now. Thanks to all of you who responded and voted, the election was tight.

Our president-elect for 2016 is: Ivy Budhai-Henry Congratulations!!

Secretary: Jamla Bergman Ditto!!

Treasurer-elect: Maureen Chernosky (I am buying stock in Tylenol!)

Director at Large: Cristy Meyer

Renee Sylvies – to complete Dawn’s 2 year term

Dawn is resigning from the board; she will continue as chair of communications but has to relinquish her board position. That places Renee Sylvies in her position for one year to complete the term.

NY ENA 911

Do you remember where you were on that fateful day?

As 9/11 approaches, we take a moment to remember that day…our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who were lost that day…

“Never forget” is the phrase that has been heard around the world in reference to the 9/11 attacks. The New York ENA State Council created an academic scholarship with the ENA Foundation as a memorial to the bravery of the 9/11 rescue workers.

This scholarship is awarded annually to a rescue worker who is pursuing a professional career in nursing. Each year, the scholarship has been funded through the state council’s annual gift to the ENA Foundation’s State Challenge campaign.

We are close to reaching our goal of 100,000 dollars to endow the scholarship fund forever.

Our current amount is $91, 967…

Thank you for your generous support and for keeping alive the memory of those who sacrificed so much.

The NYS ENA Council.

P.S. Never forget our fellow first responder.

Support the ENA Foundation NYS ENA September 11th Endowment fund by making a donation today at

2015 General Assembly file: Clinical issues to be Discussed at General Assembly 2015 in Orlando

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